Our Story

Founded in 2014, we have grown from small team in Noida to 120+ strong Global Family. We are bound together via a shared passion:

"Desire to excel in realm of DevOps"

Our growth is driven by our belief in following core values

..Knowledge Propels Growth

..Unwavering Commitment to Ethics

..Lead By Focus

Years in accelerating Business
Successfull Implementations
Full Stack DevOps Consultants
Happy Partners

Why Opstree

Clients choose us because of our ability to improve business agility and reduce costs. We are differentiated by our:

End to End Delivery Capability

For 5+ years we have solved immense variety of DevOps puzzles enabling us to Solution and Deliver across Domain and Technologies. We have successfully delivered 100+ implementation spanning across technologies, databases, middleware and Open Source.

We ensure Speed, Stability and Security

DevSecOps is a Next Gen Skill. We bring together exponential speed of delivery while balancing the overall availability and security of the system. We also ensure zero resource churn impact.

Highly Geared for Startups

More than 40+ startups have utilized us as their DevOps team. Startups need small teams with wide variety of skills. Our full stack DevOps engineers, guided by technical architects deliver exceptional value to startups.

Trusted by Big Enterprises

Big enterprises have complex focussed problems to solve. Via our deep technical capabilities, constant availability of right talent and awareness of compliance needs; we have created deep and mutually beneficial relationships with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Meet our leadership team

Our budding leaders

Alok Upadhyay
Alok Upadhyay Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant
Ankur Verma
Ankur Verma Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant
Kanika Arora
Kanika Arora Hr Manager
Kirti Chopra
Kirti Chopra Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant
Sajal Jain
Sajal Jain Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant
Sandeep Mahto
Sandeep Mahto Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant

In Press

Our partnership with our clients helps us achieve the impossible

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