How we enabled BitClass to make their new applications go to live within 5 minutes with our Managed DevSecOps Approach.

About the Company

A Live Learning Platform who partners with teachers around the world to deliver the finest cohort-based learning experience.

Challenges Faced

  • Video Content, streamed live for multiple concurrent class participants

  • To be launched on an experience rich and cost efficient platform.

  • Market Launch timed with aggressive promotional campaigns

  • Category Defining Platform

Solution Offered!

  • Enabled seamless migration to AWS EKS
  • Quick monitoring and logging at any time and anywhere
  • Realtime cost transparency was enabled
  • Ability to deploy microservices within minutes across different environments
  • The time for new applications to go live being reduced to 5 minutes

Final Outcomes

  • Time to production reduced more than 100%
  • Zero Performance bottlenecks with the desired scale on AWS EKS
  • Ability to deploy production microservices in under 5 mins
  • Seamless migration to AWS Cloud from Azure

    Cloud Platform

  • Realtime cost transparency achieved

Average Deployment Time

Regardless of whether you are looking to digitalise your pre-boarding, onboarding or offboarding or your app, Buildpiper has it all in one convenient place, enabling you to handle the entire microservice life cycle.


To setup a
Kubernetes Cluster


To setup a
Comprehensive Monitoring
and Logging


To Onboard a


To run a Macro pipeline
deploying multiple
Microservices at once

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