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About the Company

Extramarks is an education technology company based in Noida, that sells online and offline schooling and curricula.

Extramarks has tied up with 9,000 government and private schools in India. It has over 8 million students and over 6 million online users. The company operates in more than 5 countries globally.

Challenges Faced

The core challenge was the delay in deployments of new services & updates due to the prevailing Monolithic artichecture. Hence Modernising infrastructure was the need of the hour for solving the challenges like:
  • Launching a new product for schools with unpredictable patterns

  • Usage of monolithic architecture resulted in huge delays and productivity challenges

  • High cost inefficiency with the platform

  • Lack of CI-CD, security checks, kubernetes platform

How our Managed DevSecOps approach helped Extramarks on their journey from Monolith to Microservices transformation

  • AWS EKS setup and onboarding of microservices across environments.

    Cloud Platform

  • Buildpiper has reduced the build and deployment time with one click deployment model
  • Security audits to identify security vulnerabilities across the platform
  • Set up a dashboard for cost analysis & optimization for all the resources.
  • Implemented WAF (Web Application Firewall) for added security
  • Seamless Build and Release Pipeline Setup for all microservices with BuildPiper
  • Comprehensive setup of Monitoring and Logging along with scalable Elasticsearch cluster serving search queries for applications.

Microservices Deployed
across 5 environments

5 Days

Production Readiness for new
product launch


EKS Clusters created on Spot
Instances saving 50% cost


Average Deployment Time

Regardless of whether you are looking to digitalise your pre-boarding, onboarding or offboarding or your app, Buildpiper has it all in one convenient place, enabling you to handle the entire microservice life cycle.


To setup a
Kubernetes Cluster


To setup a
Comprehensive Monitoring
and Logging


To Onboard a


To run a Macro pipeline
deploying multiple
Microservices at once

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