How BuildPiper empowered India’s leading Eyewear Retail Platform with faster application delivery, lower cost and seamless manageability

About the Company

Lenskart is the leading e-commerce portal for eyewear in India, headquartered at New Delhi. With more than 900+ stores Lenskart has revolutionised the eyewear industry in the country with its omni-channel approach.

Challenges Faced

  • Current Supply Chain & Fulfillment application was being modernized and needed to be extremely nimble.

  • A need for a robust underlying platform was felt that could enable seamless CI-CD for this application

  • Needed to ensure security & compliance with Shared Responsibility Model

  • Empowering Development & QE teams to be self sufficient in managing application delivery lifecycle

  • Required a User-friendly CI-CD Platform with flexible Template-based approach

  • Complexities in Managing Kubernetes & Microservices Application delivery

Solution Offered!

  • Empowered GitOps Direction
  • Enabled Developers and QE teams to independently manage deployments on lower environments - even with limited Kubernetes Knowledge
  • Onboarded AWS EKS clusters for seamless Kubernetes management

    Cloud Platform

  • Multiple automated dynamic environments available for development teams
  • Multi & Single Services Pipeline for build & Deployment
  • Easy YAML, Helms Charts integration for Pro Users
  • Created Template-based approach for microservices delivery
  • Comprehensive Security checks enabled CI-CD workflow with approvals and JIRA integration as needed (modular)

Final Outcomes

  • 70+ Microservices onboarded; 350 planned
  • Enabled Authorization Granularity for operations across services & environments
  • 20+ Custom CI-CD Pipelines
  • 80% Reduction in Deployment Time & Costs
  • Cloud cost reduction enabled with spot instances
  • Automated log audit evidence collection with Jira Integration
  • Robust Deployment Analytics in place thus empowering SRE team to monitor microservices seamlessly.

Average Deployment Time

Regardless of whether you are looking to digitalise your pre-boarding, onboarding or offboarding or your app, Buildpiper has it all in one convenient place, enabling you to handle the entire microservice life cycle.


To setup a
Kubernetes Cluster


To setup a
Comprehensive Monitoring
and Logging


To Onboard a


To run a Macro pipeline
deploying multiple
Microservices at once

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