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Key Benefits of BuildPiper

BuildPiper helps with a secure, hassle-free, Microservices lifecycle management , management of Kubernetes clusters, canvas-based setup & management of DevSecOps delivery pipelines. Following are the benefits that the technology teams can derive with BuildPiper, for Day 1 and Day 2 operations.

  • 10X Reduced Time to Market

  • Onboard a Dockerized service in minutes

  • Creation of clusters, environments with standardised, best security practices.

  • Robust & Comprehensive reporting and actionable insights into the Services and underlying clusters, pods, Infrastructure !

  • Single click Build/Deploy

  • Setup & Run hassle-free secured Pipelines

  • 360-degree view of cluster and services

  • Enable the most robust & secure DevSecOps CI in a few clicks

  • Multiple ways to configure application deployment:

    a. Build manifest with UI
    b. Upload manifest file

  • CI/CD pipeline for single/multiple deployments

  • Multiple language CI support

  • BuildPiper also maintains build & deploy log history for each artifact

  • Single click service modification

  • Easy interface to visualize the configuration