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Visualization of Deployment Status

BuildPiper provides comprehensive visualization of Deployment Status with deep analytical reporting on potential reasons for failure. This unique and extraordinary feature of BuildPiper helps in enabling a secured, quick and hassle-free Microservices deployment. After deploying a service, users can get complete visibility of the deployment status and the pod status with deep analytical reporting on potential reasons for failure in case there are any.

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Developed recently, this newly added feature in BuildPiper helps DevOps teams to get deep insights into the current deployment status by allowing you to view,

1. Conditions : This displays all the conditions related to the deployment status. Conditions provide a standard mechanism for higher-level status reporting from a controller. It is a process that allows tools and other controllers to collect summary information about the resources without understanding the resource-specific status details.

2. Container Status : This displays the current status of the containers.

3. Replication Status : This shows the number of total replicas, ready replicas, available replicas, and non-available replicas.

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4. Autoscaling Status : This helps to know whether the auto scaling feature is enabled or disabled.

5. Update number of replicas : The number of replicas can be set manually and the service will be scaled to the updated number of replicas.

6. YAML Files : Users can view the YAML files of the resources deployed by the service deployment including the Replica Set Yaml, Pod Yaml, and Deployment YAML.

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