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A Whitepaper on Application Modernization

Discover what application modernization is, the benefits, its challenges and how to get started with app modernization. Also explore, how BuildPiper- a comprehensive Microservices DevSecOps platform can help enterprises on their app modernization journey

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the cast of Schitt's Creek
The Ultimate Guide to Kubernetes Deployment

Download today and find out what all you can expect in the journey of Kubernetes deployment and how to overcome the crucial challenges that come along with it.

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the cast of Schitt’s Creek
The Comprehensive Guide to Microservices

Microservices have always been a topic of curiosity across the Industry and there is always more to know about Microservices. Explore our new Ebook to understand some of the challenges, use cases and approaches to leverage them for a scalable and efficient tech product.

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CICD Best Practices For Kubernetes
CICD Best Practices For Kubernetes

CICD is a becoming a must required component for all new age companies. But how to implement it successfully is always a challenge. Download our new ebook & understand what are the CICD best practices for Kubernetes.

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