What's New in Nubra Ver 2.5.0
Here's a wrap up of what we've been cooking for you lately!
We are constantly working to improve your BuildPiper experience,
here is a summary of what has changed.

New Features

  • New Support for ISTIO setup and ISTIO gateways.
  • New Out of the box setup and support for Kiali and Jaeger.
  • New Ability to modify defined Build, Deploy, Promote templates via custom Container steps.
  • Beta Comprehensive visualization of Deployment Status with deep analytical reporting on potential reasons for Failure if any.
  • New Support for Image Scanning via Trivy which can be integrated in Build Process.


  • Ability to restart PODs and if necessary take the pod count to Zero.
  • Integer value labels and annotations can be accepted as a string for Service Deployment.
  • Improved tracking of asynchronous activities on the Activity Dashboard.
  • Ability to wait for Deployment to complete before next task is triggered in the pipeline. This can be utilised to manage deployment of dependent services.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Resolved all pending issues in creation of Pipelines via YAML.
  • Fixed Log mixing was happening due to multi threading related complexities. All such issues were resolved.
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