What's New in Nubra Ver 2.6.0
Here's a wrap up of what we've been cooking for you lately!
We are constantly working to improve your BuildPiper experience,
here is a summary of what has changed.

New Features

  • New Conditional execution of Pipeline both at Stage and Task level using conditions of success or failure of previous jobs.
  • New Jira Integration in Pipeline - Ability to Create, Update and Resolve a Jira ticket via Pipeline jobs.
  • New Ability to decide whether a Job failure & success will terminate the Pipeline or allow it to conitnue.
  • Beta Comprehensive Environment Dashboard, bringing the complete view of Memory & CPU Utiization of services in a single view.
  • New Environment Downtime Schedulers: Scale Down or Scale Up all the Services automatically in a single click.
  • New K8s 1.19 - 1.21 support in manifest creation (for admin and user portal).
  • New Workspace access has been provided to view the test execution results and other details.
  • New Multiple Project Admin support.
  • New Added Retry Feature in Pipelines.
  • New Deployment Rollback of Services to Previous version support in Piplines.
  • New Added a new Job Step Plugin: Microsoft Teams Notification.
  • New Added a new Job Step in Steps Catalog: Microsoft Teams Notification.
  • New Key replacement in k8s manifest.
  • New Execution Count support in Pipelines.
  • New Added support of bash liveness and readiness.
  • New Added support for github container registry as docker registry.
  • New Added a global link on the left navigaton bar to Build and Deploy Services and their Environments from a single page.


  • Improvement in Cleanup of Build, Deploy, Promote History data -including logs and other execution information.
  • Load whole ConfigMap or Secret as Environment Variable in a Container.
  • Improved performance of Build, Deploy & Promote history page when operating at large data volumes
  • Job Template support at service level.
  • Ingress version upgrade with nginx version 1.20.1 for k8s cluster 1.19 and above.
  • Improved Log visualization.
  • Multiple BP-Agent slab support.
  • Exact calculation of duration for Build, Deploy and Promote.
  • Service Sorting based on alphabetical order.
  • HTTP Git URL support.
  • UI Improvement in Pipelines and Execution listing.
  • Ability to refer to Custom Ingress file from Git URLs so that the files can be versioned.
  • Ability to search tags from the available list and also provide custom tag if the data is not available in the list.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed On approval request the option to disapprove had issues, those issues are fixed.
  • Fixed Pagination not working due to http, https redirection issue is fixed.
  • Fixed Ingress vulnerability issues resolved for version 1.16 to 1.18.
  • Fixed Auto fetch metrics for infra monitoring from ingress nginx for version 1.16 and above.
  • Fixed Resolved the celery queue health issue.
  • Fixed Fixed natural sortings of artifact tags.
  • Fixed Ingresss https redirection issue resolved.
  • Fixed Resloved all pending issues on deletion of entities.
  • Fixed Resolved naming error with compliance to kubernetes while generating manifest via helm templates.
  • Fixed Ability to edit configmaps, UI was not showing the edit button due to scroll issues.
  • Fixed Data was not getting refreshed when Environment tabs were getting switched on service detail page.
  • Fixed While editing the CD details, Entrypoint command was not getting updated.
  • Fixed While editing CD details in access level public and protected ingress dropdown doesn't shows correct data.
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