What's New in Nubra Ver 2.8.0
Here's a wrap up of what we've been cooking for you lately!
We are constantly working to improve your BuildPiper experience,
here is a summary of what has changed.

New Features

  • New Quality Assurance questions upon stage approval in pipeline.
  • New Quality Assurance questions upon stage approval in pipelines updatable in JIRA Tickets.
  • New Mail notification on pipeline approval to project admin.
  • New GITOPS- Trigger your build,deploy or a pipeline with any GIT actions.
  • New Merge & Pull Request Decoration - Get the summary of your build or deploy on your MR/PR before you merge the new code to the stable one
  • New Build and Deploy the same artifact on a single click.
  • New Forgot Password - Reset your password from UI.
  • New Maintaining the summary of all the build and deploy activities.
  • New BuildX and BuildKit support.
  • New ECR token Refresh from UI.


  • Log Improvements by using Server Sent Events (SSE).
  • Placeholder replacement in manifest- Now replace value of any key in your manifests from UI.
  • Multiple Registry Support from UI.
  • Job Template Revamp - Configure your Job steps and their environment variables from our UI.
  • Build your images without using cache in Pipelines.
  • Get the exact status of your Deployments, applied and successfully rolled out on the service overview page.
  • Information of the time taken by each step in Build, Deploy and in Pipelines.
  • Now you can edit the namespace at the Environment Level.
  • Replacement of deployment environment variables with a placeholder.
  • Improved the loading time of pages.
  • Conditional Job steps in Job Templates.
  • Revoke any task from the Execution History Page.
  • Improved the readablity of logs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed View Rest API Job Logs in Pipelines.
  • Fixed Scheduled API went down multiple times.
  • Fixed Execution History of pipeline on the basis of retention count.
  • Fixed Problems in creating credentials.
  • Fixed Issues in pods and replicaset listing.
  • Fixed Multiple Manifests in single file visualization in our generated manifest section.
  • Fixed Pipeline getting stuck in initiated state.
  • Fixed Permission related problems.
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