Working at Opstree Solutions

The Job comes with certain perks & benifits

Flexible Working Hours

For creating a better work/life balance and enhanced job satisfaction, OpsTree provides flexible working hours to its employees. Employees can choose to shift their everyday schedule by starting the day later or leaving earlier, after receiving the required consent. However, the total working hours do not change. An employee is obliged to be present at the workplace during the “Core Hours” and is expected to manage their flexible working hours based on their particular service area, service delivery, and customer needs.

Health Insurance Cover

A group health insurance is one of the key employee benefits provided by OpsTree. The health insurance offered by OpsTree covers not only the employees but their family members which include the spouse and a maximum of two children. The employee insurance policy provided by OpsTree enables you to get cashless claims for hospitalization coverage with post and pre expenses up to a fixed amount.

Certifications Reimbursement

At OpsTree, we nurture and promote a learning environment. We offer the best opportunities to our employees so that they can grow and excel. Employees can opt for different certifications to enhance and upgrade their skills. To make this happen, we provide reimbursement for certifications that our DevOps team chooses to go for, to accelerate their career growth and to be at par with the latest market trends & technologies.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

One of the most unique aspects of associating with OpsTree is the assistance offered to employees during their significant life events and one of these is Parental Leave. OpsTree supports parents to be, both physically and monetarily through company-paid time for maternity and paternity leaves. These leaves allow employees paid- time off to bond with their child before returning to work. Employees can also demand flexible working arrangements, once they decide to return to work at the end of their leaves.

OpsTree Swastha Nidhi

Well-being, health and financial support for our employees, has always been one of our key focus areas. To ensure our employees are able to cruise through any challenging times that arise from long standing, critical illnesses, OpsTree has a dedicated financial assistance program known as “Swastha Nidhi”. The objective of this program is to support our employees and their families during the challenging times that come along, with any prolonged illness. In such scenarios, our employees are entitled to receive immediate financial assistance for the treatment and speedy recovery from this company corpus.

Wellness Programs- Health Wellness, Yoga

Building a healthy company culture is the first and foremost thing that an organization can’t afford to miss. In order to help employees stay fit and healthy, OpsTree hosts health-promoting sessions and activities at regular times intervals. We nurture wellness programs that help our employees cope up with anxiety and high stress levels at work. Some of these include offering flexible work schedules, setting reasonable health goals, and healthy food offerings.

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Our budding leaders

Alok Upadhyay
Alok Upadhyay Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant
Ankur Verma
Ankur Verma Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant
Kanika Arora
Kanika Arora Hr Manager
Kirti Chopra
Kirti Chopra Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant
Sajal Jain
Sajal Jain Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant
Sandeep Mahto
Sandeep Mahto Jr. Partner and DevOps Consultant

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