Cloud Strategy



Cost Optimization


Cloud is a very powerful platform made very easy and comfortable to use. But Beware!! adoption of cloud, without right cloud strategy can be a huge strategic blunder.

Our Cloud Ops offering helps you design the right cloud strategy along with complete expertise in designing and implementing it, with scalability, sustainability, security and reproducibility as primary focus.

Our Solutions

Management of CloudOps with right Cloud Strategy for Scalability, Security and ROI sensitivity. Expertise in Cloud Migrations and Hybrid Cloud Operations.


Cloud Strategy and Approach Consulting

Our Cloud Architects and Secutity Conusltants will work with your Architects to design highly available, scalable, secure and cost optimized design for your application.


Cloud Infra Setup and Management

Secure and Automated infra setup is our strength. On click infra set up and tear down, automated on demand new environment creation, felicitated by libraries like Terrform and Cloudformation.


Cloud Migrations

Cross region migration for compliance or higher throughput, Bare metal to Cloud or Cloud to Bare Metal - we have done it all. We can help devise the best migration strategy and implement it with zero down time and minimum effort.


Cloud Security and Audits

Security first design coupled with 24/7 security monitoring instrumentation and assisted by periodical audits is the security strategy we follow. We can help ensure fault tolerant security setup which helps Prevent, Detect, Protect and Evolve.

Selected Insights

We learn and share as we believe Knowledge Propels Growth