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Microservice Architecture is must for Applications of Scale. Management of Microservice is a nightmare - unless it is managed via automated solutions and state of the art instrumentations.

Our deep experience in managing large scale Microservice Architecture based B2B and B2C solutions can be leveraged to seamlessly manage your MicroService Platform and Products.

Our Solutions

Scalable cost optimized Infra and DevOps processes for Micro Service architecture via next gen Containerization and Management.


Microservice Approach Consulting

Scale is driving the internet based ecosystem to Microservices, this paradigm shift requires completely different Devops Strategy and Implementation. Our experts can help you arrive at the right Application Architecture Strategy, coupled with right devops tooling and support to ensure that the Microservice Management can be simplified.


Containerization & Orchestration

Microservice DevOps is about Dockerization and Orchestration(via Kubernetes or Docker Swarm). We have taken 10+ Products through this journey and delivered in Production with least possible time and maximum reliability and dependability. Secure external as well as service to service communication while ensuring dependability, reliability and scalability is the crux of right Microservice DevOps Architecture.


Instrumentation and Insights

Orchestrating right observability via right monitoring tools and setting up proper insights which result into zero noise alerts is very critical for Microservice Architecture. Our AIOps based approach to setting up monitoring helps in segregating real issues from noisy alerts which leads to quick issue identification.


Support Ecosystem

Setting up right support eco-system is important - as implosion of micro services quickly leads to a relatively complex matrix which becomes incresingly difficult to manage. Vault for Secrets Management, ISTIO for service mesh, certificates management for service to service secure communication are a few example of support ecosystem which we develop. Side car architecture is a very handy architectural element we leverage for lots of functionalities we add to the ecosystem.

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