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Alert & Evolving


Security is an ever evolving and ever mutating risk. It requires a dynamically evolving and ever vigilant approach. Security needs to be baked into the processes rather then keep it as a regulatory external process.

OpsTree Security Services are mix of automated checks via instrumentation in.

  • 1Code level vulnerabilities assessment
  • 2Security checks embedded in release process
  • 3Infrastructure security checks

We conduct periodical audits to evolve the current level of security and add new checks and security gates.

Our Solutions

Security Instrumentaion along with periodical security audits and implementation can help remain ahead of the ever mutating security challenges.


Security Audit And Assesment

Our Security experts will apply various securtiy levers and associated tooling to discover existing vulnerabilities in the Cloud infrastructure, Softwares/Middleware and the Application. Post diagnostic our expert team will propose a roadmap for 24/7 security alertness following the philosophy of protect, prevent, detect, remediate and evolve.


Security Implementation

Security is an ever mutating threat and requires dedicated focus and capacity. As the threats evolve and mutate accordingly the security gates need to evolve and get better. OpsTree Security team is laser focussed on security and is securing the perimeter as well as the individual assets to ensure zero /minimum possible threat to a system.


Security Instrumentation

Security should not be called for, it should be omni present to detect any threat that may creep into the system due to any inadvertent action. Setting up ever alert AIOPS based security tooling and instrumentation for infra security and SIEM is the way forward and we follow these fundamental principles.

Selected Insights

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