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Reliability and Availability is most imoortant concern for successful enterprises. It requires understanding of a complex system with all its related parameters. With advent of complex solutions and tooling it is almost impossible to do it manually. Automation is the only panecia to ensure Reliability reliably.

OpsTree follows the principle of More Tech Less People for SRE and NOC services. We have developed a suite of automations and instrumentation to help create required visibility for a complex ecosystem and bring our the exact health status on simple dashboards. As part of this service we setup detailed instrumentation which have zero noise alerting and self healing abilities.

Our Solutions

Ensuring the Reliability, Availability and Security of Systems via AI based Monitoring Setup for Proactive alerting and self healing and manned by a highly capable team of Tech enabled SRE engineers.


Site Reliability Engineering

Complexities of systems have increased drastically. Today we have n tier architecture, hetrogeneous systems having multiple frontends, backends, middlewares for caching, searching, queuing even relational and non relational databases. Ensuring uptime of such systems require highly skilled engineers having exposure to configuration management and troubleshooting skills. Over a period of 5 years we have extensively worked in all these layers and built a good understanding of nitty gritty of such systems and qualify as capable SRE team; who can ensure maximum uptime and smooth functioning of systems.


Application Support L1

We run our L1 operations following more tech less people philosophy. Right Processess, SOP based automation and tight SLA management is central to L1 support methodology. Issue routing and escalation process leading to leak proof issue management. Weekly and Monthly issue reporting to drive visbility and fix acountability- leading to RCA identification. This feeds backs into the evolution processs.


Application Support L2

Capable DevOps team responsible for Lights On services for the application. Setting up right instrumentation, SOP automation and quick issue resolution are the part of team's responsibilities.

Selected Insights

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